Reformed Ridez

The beginning..

The beginning..

1984 Toyota Trueno ae86 Sprinter

Turboed Street Function Under-Construction

Yip the day has finally come where ive got my own Toyota ae86 (hachiroku).

This comes in the form of a 1984 ae86 Trueno Hatch (Once was Levin).
It's very much a project with cancer in places and parts missing..

But that was the whole idea, stick it in the shed and work on it.!

First the clean-out.
I got the vacuum out and started pulling unneeded bits off.
Also had a good look for rust and other imperfections.

Second the strip down.
Holidays now so the work has started on the 86.
It has started with some stripping of the black paint in the interior and engine bay.
Once these areas are cleaned up a bit more it will all be sprayed white.

Derek Kaijser