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NZ's first 86-70 Corolla SPL Invitational

NZ's first 86-70 Corolla SPL Invitational

First Drift day in the ae86.

Naturally-Aspirated Turboed Race

Joe Manji in association with Niteparts, Yokohama, NST Parts & Heroes Prints exclusively brings to you......
*****The 86-70 Corolla SPL Invitational*****
The most exclusive gathering of AE86s and AE70s in NZs history

A New Zealand First ae86-70 Corolla SPL Invitational at Evergreen Drift Park.

Slowly got the hang of clutch kicking the rear of the car out, and by the end of the day just using speed to slide it out..
Very fun, and will definitely be doing it again.

One could say Im HOOKED..

Derek Kaijser