Reformed Ridez

Building it up.

Building it up.

1984 Toyota Trueno ae86 Sprinter

Turboed Street Under-Construction

Parts week has just been and some parts i got.!
Scored some much needed bits.!
- Standard front arms and shock assemblies
- Speedo cluster
- Indicators & trims
- A 2 piece driveshaft
- alot more...
Oh and some sweet 15" dished, meshed rims.!

Along with all these new bits & pieces we moved the 86 into the shed, and setup the wall for storage...

Started on some rust repair in the afternoon, cut out some pieces from 1mm panel steel and welded them in.

Some more pescy rust repair, I actually enjoy this sort of stuff..
Starting to slowly get through it all, Engine bay is now mostly complete with some bog being layed on soon.

Rust repair in the front has know been finished, so its time to lay some bog/filler down..

Derek Kaijser