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1978 Ford Escort Mk2 Estate

1978 Ford Escort Mk2 Estate

Still a work in progress, but will get there eventually.

Naturally-Aspirated Street Function Under-Construction

I have had the car for four years now been working on it since December 2010. Had it on the road for a wee bit but it needed love :)
The engine is a 2l out of a Cortina, its going to have a 1600 head probably worked up a bit with 45mm twin Webbers.
The car has been stripped way over board for what i was planning, it has had a new floor pan and a slam panel.
I also had to repair the guards and cut all rust out, por15 the rust and then primed over it.
The whole car has been skimmed with bog (better be straight) ;) then painted with brilliant white in upoll.

  • 2 1/4 inch exhaust
  • Gearbox type 9 sierra
  • New standard 2l clutch
  • Diff open 4.1
  • Struts Capri
  • Jamex adjustable suspension kit 350 pound springs
  • 22mm sway bar
  • Rear leafs reset 2 1/2 inchs 2 inch blocks
  • Brakes Capri vented rotors calliper spacer kit heavy duty pads
  • Wheels 13x7 widened standard rims.
  • Tyres 175 50 13 yokohama A539
  • Seats Racaro
  • Rolled guards
  • Hoping for 150hp, and hoping for 7500rpm. LOL should be a laugh.
  • Ways about 800kg all up.